Abilene Town Randolph Scott complete western movie full length

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In this complete classic Abilene Town starring Randolph Scott western movie full length. Marshall Dan Mitchell is doing his best to keep peace in Abilene Town. The farmers and homesteaders have their side of town and the cowboys have their side of town. As long as they do not cross over the line things are fairly peaceful, but a new group of homesteaders upsets the balance and the lid is about to blow off of this town!
Randolph Scott as Marshall Dan Mitchell
Edgar Buchanan as Sheriff Bravo Trimble
Lloyd Bridges as Henry Deiser
Ann Dvorak as Rita
Rhonda Fleming as Sherry Balder
Helen Boyce as Big Annie
Howard Freeman as Ed Balder
Richard Hale as Charlie Fair
Jack Lambert as Jet Younger
Eddy Waller as Hannaberry
Hank Patterson as Doug Neil
Chubby Johnson as Homesteader (uncredited) (This is Chubby Johnson’s screen debut)
Directed by Edwin L. Marin
Produced by Jules Levey
Written by Ernest Haybox from the novel – Trail Town
Harold Shumate
Starring Randolph Scott
Music by Gerard Carbonara, Albert Glasser, Charles Koff, James Mayfield and Max Terr
Cinematography Archie Stout
Edited by Richard V. Heermance
Production company Guild Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date January 11, 1946
Running time 89 minutes


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