Borderline – Full Movie – GOOD QUALITY (1950)

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Borderline is a 1950 American film noir crime film directed by William A. Seiter starring Fred MacMurray and Claire Trevor.

The Los Angeles police know that Pete Ritchie (Raymond Burr) has been bringing drugs into the city, but they can’t pin a single piece of evidence on him. After many botched attempts to get at the crook, they resort to having cop Madeleine (Claire Trevor) go undercover and seduce her way into Ritchie’s circle. Before she can get anywhere, she’s abducted by Johnny (Fred MacMurray), a government agent posing as a thug. But Johnny and Madeleine have no idea they’re on the same side of the law.

Fred MacMurray as Johnny Macklin
Claire Trevor as Gladys LaRue
Raymond Burr as Pete Ritchie
Jose Torvay as Miguel
Morris Ankrum as Bill Whittaker
Roy Roberts as Harvey Gumbin
Don Diamond as Deusik
Nacho Galindo as Porfirio
Pepe Hern as Pablo
Grazia Narciso as Porfirio’s Wife

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