Cocaine Fiends 1935 (Full Movie)

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Cocaine Fiends. The pace that kills. A drug dealer on the run from the law meets an innocent young girl and her brother, and turns them into “cocaine fiends.”
Among the many evils against which society struggles, one of the most vicious is the traffic in dope . . in every community where the menace develops all the forces which society can mobilize, including social agencies, doctors, law enforcement officials and government band together to stamp it out . . . . . .
Without such activity the dope evil would run rampant. Yet it has long been recognized that one other powerful force is necessary before the struggle can be completely successful.
That force is an aroused and educated public awareness.
It is in the hope of aiding in developing such awareness that this picture has been produced.
What happens to Jane Bradford may happen to anyone. There will always be “Jane Bradfords” until you, Mr. Citizen, co-operate with the forces now fighting the dope evil to forever stamp it out in our land.


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