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I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death – Sartana is falsely accused of robbing a bank, and must find the real robbers and clear his name.


I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death (1969)
Director: Giuliano Carnimeo (as Anthony Ascott)
Writers: Tito Carpi (story), Tito Carpi (screenplay)
Stars: Gianni Garko, Frank Wolff, Ettore Manni
Genres: Action | Crime | Mystery | Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 26 February 1970 (West Germany)
Also Known As: I’ll Dig Your Grave
Filming Locations: Italy

A bank that was thought to be impenetrable is robbed by a man wearing the trademark Sartana cloak. Our black-clad hero soon has a price on his head and must try to proof his innocence with the help of his shabby friend Buddy Ben. Written by Simon Gelten

“Nothing short of great stuff here with an excellent cast and a well written script punctuated by some great little moments of humor. Garko is better than usual as the eagle-eyed, razor toungued and lightning fast Sartana and has a wealth of great character actors to support him, including the vastly underrated Frank Wolff. The direction is exceptionally stylish, with numerous POV shots and expressionist angles that add loads of atmosphere to what, in lesser hands, could have been a rather average outing. Great stuff, that may not convert the heathens, but will definitely please the spag aficionados” Written by Junkie-6 on IMDb.com.

Warning: Spoilers
“Wily top gunslinger Sartana (a typically excellent portrayal by Gianni Gark) gets falsely accused of robbing a bank. Sartana must find the real robbers in order to clear his name. Meanwhile, a bunch of ruthless bounty hunters are eager to bag Sartana in order to collect the hefty prize money placed on his head. Director Giuliano Carnimeo, working from a clever and involving script by Tito Carpi, Enzo Dell’Aquila, and Ernesto Gastaldi, keeps the crafty plot moving along at a constant swift pace, maintains a playfully quirky tone throughout, further spices things up with a nice sense of wickedly amusing sardonic humor, and stages the thrilling shoot-outs with considerable skill and brio (the opening bank robbery set piece is especially daring and exciting). The cast have a field day with their colorful roles: Frank Wolf contributes a lively and engaging performance as Sartana’s loyal fellow sharpshooter partner Buddy Ben, the always interesting Klaus Kinski is a sleazy treat as slimy and effeminate luckless gambling addict Hot Dead, and Gordon Mitchell makes a strong impression as the fearsome and lightly crazed Deguejo. Giovanni Bergamini’s crisp and agile cinematography boasts a lot of fierce whiplash pans and crazy tilted camera angles. The twangy and dynamic score by Vasili Kojucharov and Elsio Maneuso hits the rousing spot. A very solid and satisfying spaghetti Western.” Written by Woodyanders on IMDb.com.

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino
Argentina: Yo soy Sartana
Australia (video box title): Angel of Death: Sartana
Australia (video title): I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death
Belgium (French title): Sartana ange de la mort
Belgium (Flemish title): Sartana dood of levend
Brazil: Sartana, o Matador
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title): Аз съм Сартана-вашият гробар
Canada (English title): I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death
Denmark (alternative title): Sartana dræber dem alle
Denmark: Sartana – den blodige hævner
Denmark: Sartana – den blodige dræber
France: Le fossoyeur
Greece (reissue title): Anoigo tafous, pairno ekdikisi
Greece (transliterated title): Ta gerakia petoun psila
Hong Kong (Mandarin title): Gui xia shen chang
Portugal: A Volta de Sartana
Romania: Sunt Sartana îngerul morţii
Spain: Yo soy vuestro verdugo
Sweden: Sartana – Dödens ängel
Turkey (Turkish title): Sartana’nın oyunu
UK: I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death
USA (alternative title): Sartana the Gravedigger
USA: I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death
West Germany: Sartana – Töten war sein täglich Brot
Yugoslavia (Serbian title): Ja sam Sartana, tvoj andjeo smrti
I’ll Dig Your Grave


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