New South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2020 Full | Sonal Chauhan Movie 2020 Dubbed In Hindi

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Gautam and his partner Brahmi are taken hostage by Pappi who makes them stay in their house. Gautam and Nandini conspire to convince Pappi to postpone the marriage, but instead he prepones it and informs Dada about his marriage. Dada scolds him, and tells him that his brother Chotu has arrived in the city and taken Babbar’s corpse for forensic tests. Learning this, Gautam and Brahmi wear masks and beat up Chotu, who arrives at Pappi’s house and stops the marriage. He then recalls one of the attackers had a tattoo on their right hand but is unable to understand the language it was written in (Telugu). Later, Dr. Kanakarathnam arrives with an image from Babbar’s corpse’s retina. However, it turns out to be an image of one of the superstars in whose disguise Gautam and Brahmi had beaten up Chotu. It is then revealed that due to being tortured, the doctor had joined hands with Gautam and also erased the tattoo from his hand.


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